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Terms of service

Refund policy

All sales are final. Once customers make a purchase, they will not be able to return that item for a replacement or refund. This policy apply to all items on our e-commerce platform.

In some cases, Cancellation can be requested within 12 hours of order placement. Please contact us for more details.

Exchange Policy. We do not offer exchange to our items. Please contact us and clarify your questions before placing your order.

Shipping policy

Our products require 5-7 working days to dispatch, unless otherwise notified in advance. Delivery time will vary based on your final destination. Please consult with your local custom authorities for clearance of items and costs associated with them, if required.

Other Terms And Conditions

All of our products are loosely fit (about 5 inches) based standard UK (United Kingdom) sizes. It is your responsibility to do your due diligence and provide us with best estimate of sizes in order to receive a well-fitted garment. We have provided a size comparison table on our product pages which lists size comparisons in countries other than UK.