Size Measurement


Please give yourself plenty of time to provide accurate measurements. Remember, accurate measurements help us design better Abayas. To measure yourself, take a tape measure and go to a private area. Even better, ask a friend or a family member to help you measure. When you measure yourself, make sure the tape measure is flat, not twisted, and always make sure that it is not cutting in or squashing the area you are measuring. Preferably, all measurements should be done with tight clothes on so it leaves less room for error. A quick Google search can also provide you with more detailed guides. We have come across following helpful videos on Youtube that we thought you would find useful. Good luck measuring :)













Wrist Width (Cuff):





Arm Hole:


Back Length (Nape to Waist):


Sleeve Length:  


Please contact us if you have any questions regrading taking proper measurements. We will be glad to walk you through it.


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